Thinking about Thursday

A few thoughts on what meditating on Christ's suffering through Holy Thursday might tell us about His Church's suffering this Thursday Dear Friends, I’ve mentioned to you that Catholics see Christ suffering when they see His body--the Church--suffering. We know too that His suffering is particularly acute when even the slightest harm is done to His little ones, so how great must his suffering be in the midst of our current scandals? In my mind, then, we are living through a

Welcome to Still Catholic! Let's ask why.

Why this blog, and why should someone remain Catholic amidst current scandals? Let's talk. Please read this post first. Hello and thank you so much for your goodwill and for sharing your time by reading this blog! I’m brand new to blogging, but I am compelled to give it a try by a challenge from my pastor and a broken and yet hopeful heart. It’s August of 2018 as I write this first post, and last week, a scandal of previously unimaginable proportions involving the widesprea